Peronal Update: Finished Winter Quarter

It’s been a long and exhausting three months, but today I’m officially done with winter quarter. I still have finals to do this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, but I am done with classes! And unless I really screw up my finals (which I don’t think I will) i’ll also finish off with pretty good grades as well. My lowest grade at the moment is a pretty high 70(i missed one assignment and the class didn’t have much work to begin with, that really screwed me over) but if I do well on the final I’m pretty sure I can bring that up to a low to mid 80.
It’ll be nice to have some time off to rest and binge watch Daredevil season 2 when it’s released tomorrow. Plus this will hopefully give me more time to play games to review, at lest for a couple weeks. And if everything goes according to plan, sometime next month I should be able to upgrade my equipment and start doing current gen reviews! So over all, I’m really happy at the moment. I hope you all are having as good a day as I am. Feel free to tell me how your doing in the comments.


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