About William Shelton, the Poor Mans Geek:

Hello all! As it says above, my name is William Shelton, aka The Poor Mans Geek. I am an armature game journalist using this blog as a testing ground. So why do I call myself the “Poor Mans Geek”? Because I am poor. At the time of this writing I have just started working and wont get pain until some time next month, and thus never have a lot of money for games. Knowing that there are a lot of people out there like me, who love video games but can’t always afford the newest console or the best computers or even new games, I dedicated this blog to reviewing older and or cheaper titles. Any game priced at $30 or less is far game in my book, as that is half off the cost of a brand new Triple A game. I also do some movie reviews, but those take away time I can spend gaming, so I will not be doing them as frequently as I fist thought I would.

About the Man behind the Blog:

So, you already know my name and what the blog is about, so now it’s time to get to know me! I am 23 years old (in fact, it’s my birthday at the time of writing this February 1st, 2015) and I love video games and movies. Yeah, I know, big shocker there right? Another Geek who likes video games movies and comics. I’m so original. But, as seeing that I kind of have to do it:

Favorite Games:

Half-Life 1 &2
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
The Last of Us
Persona 3 & 4
Silent Hill 2

Favorite Movies:

The MCU (a cop-out answer, I know)
Fight Club
Pulp Fiction

Favorite Directors:

Quentin Tarantino
David Fincher
Martin Scorsese
Neill Blomkamp
Hayao Miyazaki

Favorite Writers:

Neil Gaiman
George R.R. Martin
Stephen King
Alan Moore
J.K. Rowling (mostly here because Harry Potter was the first book to get me interested in reading)

Other interest: Rock and Heavy metal, with my favorite subgenres being Doom, Thrash, Power and NWOBHM. I do like a little rap, but not every much. I like stuff like The Coup, lupe Fiasco, Flobots and so. So the more political side of rap, rather than the mainstream stuff. But for what it’s worth I’ll listen to just about anything from punk to show tunes so long as it’s any good.

I am a member of the American Green Party and an advocate for social and political change and reform, but I stick mostly to issues dealing with or near media. Basically if you can’t stand it when people talk politics in the context of games/movies or whatever, then this probably isn’t the place for you.

Lastly, I am probably the biggest science nerd who knows almost nothing about science. I maratoned my way through “Cosmos” over a few days and think of Neil Degrasse Tyson as one of my personal hero’s, but i’m not exactly as “scientifically literate” as i’d like to be (or even as much as I think I am).

About Comments and Replys:

I value your input. I would love to hear from you. Whether or not you agree, disagree or think you know information that could change my opinion, I’d love to hear it. However, as this is my blog, my space, I will not engage in a conversation that only exist to upset or bully me or others. If the only thing you feel like saying to me is something along the lines of “you’re a moron” or you are constantly using some form of hate speech, I will not O.K. your comments and I will simply ignore you. If you cannot discus your differences civilly you are not worth talking to.

What You Will Find on this Blog:

Firstly, you find Game Reviews. Just like it seems, this is where i talk about whatever games i played, giving you a run down of the Story, Game Play and the Music and Sound. I rate each of these on there own out of 5, then the overall score is the average out of those three criteria. Scores work pretty simply:

0: The game is broken to the point of being unplayable and the fact that the seller chose to put the game out should be punishable by law, or there is something in the game that offends me to the point i can not over look it. If a game was an active endorsement of Nazi ideology, for example, i wouldn’t care if it was technically the best game of all time, it gets a 0/5.

1: Not worth playing. I mean, you can play it, but you should probably do something better with your time like getting an armature lobotomy from an untrained chimp.

2: There is some fun to be had here. Maybe it’s only if you’re in the right mood, maybe it’s just for niche audiences, or maybe it does something interesting, but doesn’t quite play as well as it probably should.

3: You’ll have fun, but it wont be world changing. The came is competently made, but maybe not very unique.

4: If one or two things had been stronger this would be a true classic.

5: Any game that gets a 5 needs to be on your shelf. It’s that simple. It’s a great game and should be played by every one.


Next up are Movie Reviews. While i still rate movies out of 5, i rate movies as a whole instead of in parts. The basic score system is still the same though.

Now, lest say you don’t want to look through pages and pages of reviews. You just want to see what i’ve played and what i thought of a certain game or movie. Well, then check out my Reviewed So Far page. This is just a list of everything reviewed and a link to each review! Simple, right?

I also do Trailer Reviews as well, were i Look at Movie Trailers, Game Trailers, Game Demos, And T.V. Trailers. Unfortunately, i can only post these as i find them, so there not quite a regular thing.

Next up is News and Rumors, this is where i talk about interesting things that i heard about upcoming games, movies, comics or so on. I try to make sure i point out what is known to be fact and whats speculation, but if i ever miss anything, feel free to let me know.

Next up is Pics! So far this has mostly been from movies and games that only released a poster and not a trailer and gives me a chance to talk about what i think of the movie from what i know so far. However, this is where i will post pics of Cons and such if i should ever be able to attended. Sadly, due to my newbie status, i accidentally deleted all my pics from about the first six months of my blogging time, but there’s still some stuff there to look at. Again though, these come as fast as i can find them, so long as they are still relevant. i’m not going to talk about a movie poster when the movie was just released.

Now on to my Opinion pieces! These take two forms. The first is A Poor Man Rambles, witch is just my thoughts on whatever topic i feel like throwing my two cents into. For example, one of these was about my feelings on the idea of “Objective” game reviews, while another was about what the internet dubbed, The Fappining. This is all opinion, so don’t take any of it as a hard truth. Then there is What i Want in…,where i talk about up comming games or movies and talk about what i’d like to see in them.

Lastly, Updates and Contributors. Updates are just me letting you know whats up. The contributors page is for any one who helps me in any way. Buy me a game to review (via Steam or send a physical copy for ps3 or 3DS) , you get a contributor credit and a link to you’re blog. Buy me something from my amazon wishlist, same thing. Send me money, same thing and my undying gratitude!

Well, that’s it for now!


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