Final Fantasy 15 Brotherhood Episode 1 and Review

It has taken 10 years for Square Enix to give fans a release date for “Final Fantasy 15”(September 30th according to one source), but now just a few months before launch they give us a prequel anime AND Movie? I’d almost dare to say Square have some issues with priorities. It’s hard to be too up set though, because this was pretty good. While this doesn’t make up for the over long wait and whatever clusterfuck that forced them to changed the game from “Final Fantasy Verses 13” to “Final Fantasy 15”, but in all honesty I’m okay with anything that helps us move past and forget FF13.

As I am including the episode here and it’s only 11 minuets long, I’m going to skip over the plot synopsis and you can watch it for yourself. Instead, I’m just going to jump into the things I liked. First of which is the art. Not being the worlds biggest anime fan I’m not quite sure how to describe the art style, but I found it to be simple stunning to look at. Kind of like the game…..they one that was announced 10 years ago……yeah if you cant tell I’m still kind of sore about that. Anyways, good visuals.

I also liked how they incorporated game powers into the fight scene. With the exception of any magic, this fight included all of the combat abilities i’ve seen be used in game play used here: the teleporting attacks, the switching weapons, even helping out party members….i’ve seen all of that in game play. I’m sure it would have been easier for everyone involved if they just picked one main combat option and focused on that, but I’m glad they made such an obvious effort to go beyond the superficial in making this a “FF15 anime”.

That fight scene also might have answered a question i’ve had for a while: what’s the game’s rating going to be? With the demo being attached to “Final Fantasy Type 0”, the first M rated eatery to the franchise, I started looking at the combat and recently began wondering if Square were planing on this being the first Main-line entry to receive the “Mature” rating. But once I saw that most of the enemies you’ll be fighting are going to be robots, that may be a sign that they are still planing on going the T rout by showing us that we’re not going to be carving up real people. I’d be fine with this going either way, but it’s funny that this comes out right around the same time the question popped into my head.

All in all, I enjoyed this and am looking forward to the next episode. How a bout you? Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought.


Cool Stuff From Around the Web: Eli Roth Directs an Animated Dark Souls Trailer

Actor and Director Eli Roth has just released this gory little trailer for Dark Souls 3. While the overall trailer feels more related to Dark Souls tonally more so than anything else, i found this to be a fun watch. Just know before watching, this does get pretty gruesome.

Fallout DnD? Yes Please!

fallout dnd

To my great and never ending shame, I’ve never played DnD before. I don’t know anyone who plays and it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing i could really get into on my own. But if there was anything that would make me search out a DM and friends, it would be setting the game in the Fallout Universe. While this custom made character sheet wont change the game in any meaningful way, it’s still a genius bit of work. The Destructoid article i learned this from states they don’t know who made it, so i can’t tell you either, but if i find out i’ll edit the post to include that info. If you know please feel free to leave a comment down below.

Cool Stuff From Around the Web: DBZ shilling for Ford

I’m not sure what hurts the most right now: the fact that my childhood has become nostalgically marketable or the fact that people around my age are expected to be buying cars while I’m still scraping together money for the bus. Either way, it’s official my fellow ’90s kids: we’re old now.

Cool Stuff From Around The Web: Gravity Falls Intro Analysis

I freaking LOVE Gravity Falls. I personally find it to be one of the best shows currently on television and am both eagerly awaiting a dreading the series concoction. So when Youtuber Mother’s Basement offered such an insightful look at the shows intro, i knew i had to share it. with you all. If you feel so inclined, go give his channel a look: he does game reviews and more Intro Analysis’, though mostly for anime shows.

Cool Stuff From Around the Web: CineFix’s Top 10 Movie Monsters

I’ll be frank here, if you like film and aren’t already subscribed to Cinefix’s youtube channel, you’re doing something wrong. But don’t worry, i got you covered: give there “top 10 movie monsters” video a look, then go subscribe.

Build-A-Bear Workshop Will Soon Alow You to Create Your Own Pikachu


Starting some time next year you will be able to create your very own Pikachu at Build-A-Bear workshops in the US, Europe, Canada and Australia. Not only that, but you’ll also get a Trading Card, Poke Ball Hoodie and Pikachu voice clip. If you order online you’ll  be able to get a Charizard Costume too! (source)

Cool Stuff From Around the Web: Miracle Of Sound’s Paleblood Moon

In honor of the Cool Red Moon tonight, i think you should all give Miracle of Sound’s Bloodborne themed song, Paleblood Moon  listen. For those of you who don’t know, Miracle Of Sound is Irish musicians Gavin Dunne who’s been making gaming and geek media related music for a while now (not too sure when he started). the guy is great and if you like this you should check out his other work too.

You can find Gav

on twitter @miracleofsound

on youtube

And on Itunes

Cool Stuff From Around the Web: Iron Maiden’s “Speed of Light” Video

At this point in their career Iron Maiden Doesn’t exactly need any help with publicity, but i couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share their new Video Game inspired music video. While i can’t say this is my favorite song from the group (that honer still goes to Wasted Years and Hallowed be Thy Name), i’d say it’s on the better side of the groups more recent output and this video is just awesome.

You can pick up a copy of Iron Maidens new album, “Book Of Souls” when it comes out September 4th, 2015.