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I started this blog over two years ago, and i’ve had a blast working on it. However, it’s now time for me to move on. I’ve now got a PS4 and am going to start trying to do more reviews for games that are more current, and thus I can no longer take on the moniker of “poor mans geek”. By the time you read this i’ll have started my new pages, “Ludophile Lab” and “What William’s Watching”. I’ll still be doing reviews, trailer impressions and editorials, but i’ll no longer be doing them on this site.

If I’m following you, then I enjoy your content and for the first few hours, days or however long it takes, i’ll go about re-following everyone I follow now so that I may keep up with your content, and I hope that, if you follow me now, you’ll follow me on my new pages as well.


TMNT2 Superbowl Trailer and Impressions

I really hate how good the marketing team for this franchise is. The first movie was just as bad as everyone thought it was going to be once they heard Bay was producing, but the trailers had me at lest thinking there might have been some hope. And here we are again. I know this is going to suck. So do you, so does every one. But…damn i like this trailer. What really infuriates me is that there’s nothing here that sells me on the idea that this film will really be any better than the first one, and i still like the trailer. I hope whoever is editing these trailers together gets a job working on a full feature, because the kind of film wizardry it must take to make the inevitable shit storm this film will be upon release must take real talent and more skill that most people will realize.

Fallout DnD? Yes Please!

fallout dnd

To my great and never ending shame, I’ve never played DnD before. I don’t know anyone who plays and it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing i could really get into on my own. But if there was anything that would make me search out a DM and friends, it would be setting the game in the Fallout Universe. While this custom made character sheet wont change the game in any meaningful way, it’s still a genius bit of work. The Destructoid article i learned this from states they don’t know who made it, so i can’t tell you either, but if i find out i’ll edit the post to include that info. If you know please feel free to leave a comment down below.

Intro to Film: Close Encounters of the Third Kind Review

By William Shelton

Close Encounters is a 1977 science fiction film by Director Steven Spielberg. The film centers around Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) an average man who encounters a UFO one night while investigating a blackout. Upon experiencing the alien craft Neary’s life begins to tear itself apart as his wife doesn’t believe what he says, his kinds think he’s a joke and his mind is contently filled with a strange image he can’t seem to place. He soon finds that he’s not alone, as he meets a woman named Jillian (Melinda Dillon) who’s son was taken by the same craft he saw. Once the two learn what the image they’ve been plagued by is, they team up and head out in order to find the find the alien ship once again.
One of the most fascinating things about the film is how optimistic it is. The government team that is sorting out the “first contact stuff” is made up of both American and french members and at one point does anyone thing mindlessly shooting at our new galactic neighbors is a good idea. It’s somewhat odd then that the film choices to focus on Roy Neary, as he is something of a detail to this core concept. As the film start Roy is the kind of guy who will “jokingly” tell his children he’s going to beat them for basic misbehavior and try and sway them into doing things he’d rather do. And while he does change in the end into being a more open person, but he is still rather unlikable. As he slowly begins to be devoured into the image the UFO has placed in his head he makes no real effort to explain to his wife and children what’s going on. When his wife decides to leave him his biggest concern his that she isn’t dressed properly. And wen the film ends he has not only started a relationship with another woman, but he also joins the aliens without so much as a mention of his wife. No “tell my wife I love her” or “i’m sorry baby” not even a “see, I was right all along”. He just does not care about her or his kids at all. For a film that is mostly about people coming together it is just such an odd choice that the main character would be so willing to leave his loved ones behind with out a second thought.
However odd the choice in main character was, the gravity over the overwhelming positivity can’t be understated. For example of this, look to the well known scene near the end when mankind has not only encountered alien life, but has also started to communicate with it. In most movies man kinds first encounter with extra terrestrial life involves man kind getting its ass handed too them and the climax is about man kinds managing to fight back the invaders. Here, however, man kind greets these unknown life forms. They play music to each other. The start a conversation using a common language. No shots are fired, no one dies, no one is even harmed. It’s a beautiful scene that caps off a beautiful movie.
Again, the point of this really seems to be taking an optimistic stand on living with outer and learning from each other. While it’s not an omnipresent theme throughout the film, the necessity of none violence towards outsiders seems to be on the forefront of the films mind. Could this be a statement on immigration or on accepting refugees asylum? It’s hard to say with out proper context of the era’s political climate, but it is an interesting thought.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a great film from one of the best film makers of all time. It’s not quite as good as some of Spielberg’s other works, but it is still an brilliant example of why he’s considered one of the greats.

Score: 3.5/5

My Grade: 19/20

Introducing: Ludophile Press

A while back I announced that me and Aaron Morrsi were looking for game Blogger to help set up a new site. Well, today I’m Happy to announce that the site is up and we’re ready to give you the same great content you’ve been expecting from the both of us. We’ll be working with a team of other writers to bring you great gaming content every week. Check us out, and i hope you like what you see.

Ludophile Press