Batman Arkham Knight Batwoman Reveal Poster and Impressions

Bat girl

My Thoughts:

I hate the look Rocksteady went with for Nightwing and Robin. Everything about them angers me to an unreasonable degree. Thankfully they decided to put in some actual work in creating this version of Batwoman. The only issue i have with this is that it’s a part of Arkham Knights Season Pass, and Season Passes are freaking stupid. But as far as the look goes, yeah, i can deal with this.

And just in case you haven;t seen the abominations They made of the other two, i’ll add them for your viewing displeasure. image18



Batman: Arkham Knight “All who Fallow you” Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:

Have you ever thought you wanted something, only to get it a find you didn’t really want it too begin with? Well, that’s what this trailer left me feeling. A while back i did a “What I Want In…” for “Batman: Arkham Knight” and one of the first things i said i wanted was the Batfamily. Now that i’ve seen the new look for Robin and Nightwing i kind of wish they weren’t there. The sad thing is that, other than how badly those two characters look, there’s a lot i like in this trailer. The two man take downs are a cool new idea, and i loved seeing Oracle, but then i see the stupid character designs and i just…i have to ask why? why do they look the way they do? who made these chooses?

nightwingarkham_610Why is Nightwings mask connected to his armor? Who decided that he needed to have a the same hair cut as Fallout Boy fans? Who did this?

image18Why does Robin look like he’s trying to be Phil Anselmo of Pantera? Just….whhhyyyy?

How could they get the look of Batman so right and then these two just so, so wrong? I still think this will be a good game, but these character designs just don’t sit well with me. What about you? What do you think about Robin and Nightwings new looks? Do you love them, hate them, don;t care? Leave a comment and tell me what you think.