Kill the Messenger Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
I read a quote once (i forget who exactly said it as well as the exact quote as well, sorry) from a F.B.I. agent who said that every time he did a large scale drug investigation he would always get cut off right before he was able to make a connection between drug smuggling and the C.I.A. So this is a story that needs to be told. And so far this is looking good. However, these fictionalized tellings of real events are never quite as true as Hollywood would like us to believe, and that does temper my expectations somewhat. When it comes to films like this the film makes point of view on the subject will inform you more on what you are going to see in theaters that the subject matter of the film itself. Even if you agree with the film makers point of view i think it is still important to point that out and be aware of it. I don’t know what Michael Cuesta’s view on the subject is, so i can’t say how much it will effect the movie, but again, it is something to think about. All in all though, the movie looks good and looks like it is trying to tell an important story in a respectful manner, so i’m looking forward to it.


Paradise Lost Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
Aw, yes. Who could forget the story of the lone white man who killed Pablo Escobar and single handedly brought an end to the Colombian drug trade? Aren’t we white people awesome. I am hoping there is some history i’m missing here, because of not then this is just another “praise the white man” film and those need to just…die in a fire. If you happen to have some info that may change my perspective, please feel free to give it to be, but as for now i just can’t take this to seriously.
On a film level the acting seems decent across the board and i do buy Josh Hutcherson as the normal guy in over his head from the mid point on. But that’s not going to stop me from skipping this.