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Due to the time sesative nature of this i’m not going to add much and just let the Nostalgia Critic’s video do the talking, but if you’re in the US, you should send an email or call the number provided.


Final Fantasy 15 Brotherhood Episode 1 and Review

It has taken 10 years for Square Enix to give fans a release date for “Final Fantasy 15”(September 30th according to one source), but now just a few months before launch they give us a prequel anime AND Movie? I’d almost dare to say Square have some issues with priorities. It’s hard to be too up set though, because this was pretty good. While this doesn’t make up for the over long wait and whatever clusterfuck that forced them to changed the game from “Final Fantasy Verses 13” to “Final Fantasy 15”, but in all honesty I’m okay with anything that helps us move past and forget FF13.

As I am including the episode here and it’s only 11 minuets long, I’m going to skip over the plot synopsis and you can watch it for yourself. Instead, I’m just going to jump into the things I liked. First of which is the art. Not being the worlds biggest anime fan I’m not quite sure how to describe the art style, but I found it to be simple stunning to look at. Kind of like the game…..they one that was announced 10 years ago……yeah if you cant tell I’m still kind of sore about that. Anyways, good visuals.

I also liked how they incorporated game powers into the fight scene. With the exception of any magic, this fight included all of the combat abilities i’ve seen be used in game play used here: the teleporting attacks, the switching weapons, even helping out party members….i’ve seen all of that in game play. I’m sure it would have been easier for everyone involved if they just picked one main combat option and focused on that, but I’m glad they made such an obvious effort to go beyond the superficial in making this a “FF15 anime”.

That fight scene also might have answered a question i’ve had for a while: what’s the game’s rating going to be? With the demo being attached to “Final Fantasy Type 0”, the first M rated eatery to the franchise, I started looking at the combat and recently began wondering if Square were planing on this being the first Main-line entry to receive the “Mature” rating. But once I saw that most of the enemies you’ll be fighting are going to be robots, that may be a sign that they are still planing on going the T rout by showing us that we’re not going to be carving up real people. I’d be fine with this going either way, but it’s funny that this comes out right around the same time the question popped into my head.

All in all, I enjoyed this and am looking forward to the next episode. How a bout you? Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought.

Horror Month 2015 Opinions

With my new job severely limiting my ability to play games, I thought i’d start my “Scorsese Month” and “Horror Month” reviews and just queue them for latter in the year, that way i’m still doing something. However, for this Horror Month I have a few ideas on what I want to do and was hoping for some input about what you all would like to see. So, my ideas are:

1. Reviewing the old Universal Monster movies
2. Reviewing the worse of the movies and mini-series based on Stephen King’s books
3. And “old vs new” look at some well regarded horror movies and there remakes
4. review some of Alfred Hitchcocks movies
5. or I could just do what I did last year and review random movies
So yeah, leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Horror Month Mini-Reviews 1

I wasn’t going to do this, but i’ve been binge watching some seasonally appropriate films and thought i’d share some with you. these aren;t going to be as deep as my other reviews, but you’ll get the idea.

Score: 3.5/5

A Boy and His Pet Zombie. Not very scary, but it’s a fun movie. If you want to see some light satire of 50’s consumer culture (and thus, modern consumer culture) as well as some light zombie action, i very much recommend this.

All Cheerleaders Die
Score: 3/5

Witch craft, Zombie Vampire things lesbians and an odd little female empowerment fantasy. Some jocks end up getting their schools cheerleaders killed, only to have them come back as blood hungry vampires who want revenge. Again, not the most scary movie, but entertaining.

The Hills have Eyes (2006)
Score: 3.5/5

A Family come across a group of mutated cannibals. I wasn’t expecting much from this. And while it does rely a little too much on cheap jump scares, i was pleasantly surprised. If you are looking for some thing a little more gory, this may be up your ally.