All Good Things…..

I started this blog over two years ago, and i’ve had a blast working on it. However, it’s now time for me to move on. I’ve now got a PS4 and am going to start trying to do more reviews for games that are more current, and thus I can no longer take on the moniker of “poor mans geek”. By the time you read this i’ll have started my new pages, “Ludophile Lab” and “What William’s Watching”. I’ll still be doing reviews, trailer impressions and editorials, but i’ll no longer be doing them on this site.

If I’m following you, then I enjoy your content and for the first few hours, days or however long it takes, i’ll go about re-following everyone I follow now so that I may keep up with your content, and I hope that, if you follow me now, you’ll follow me on my new pages as well.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Trailer and Impressions

So, this is pretty much just Tim Burtons take on the X-Men, isn’t it? i mean come on, it’s about a group of children with special (or should i say “Peculiar”) powers they get from birth who are rejected from society so they stick together in a school just for them…. Yeah, this is just Tim Burton trying to make a X-men movie in his trade mark style. Personally, i can deal with that. While i easily tire of Burton’s style i still think he’s one of the most interesting film makers working today. Plus he also had the good sense to give the  “Charles Xavier” to Eva Green, which means i’m going to see this eventually because I’ll watch just about anything she’s in becuase i’ll take whatever excuse i can to look at this woman…i mean watch her amazing talent as an actress (in all honesty, she really is just as talented as she is pretty and it’s a shame she’s not in as many films as she should be).

As far as the movie it’s self goes, it looks pretty ok. It’s clearly aiming at a younger audience, which may dapen my enjoyment of the film, but it looks better than most of the “young adult” garbage that’s being pumped out. So yeah, i’ll probibly end up giving this a look but can’t see it making it past the “good, but not for me” camp.

Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 and Impressions

I have two complaints with this trailer: 1) i wished they had cut just after Cap’s shield gets taken away an the end and left the Spiderman reveal for the movie itself and 2) i think they gave just a little too much away. I’m pretty sure nothing here is “shocking” for the fans that have been keeping up to date with the MCU, but even then this trailer comes off as a plot-line highlight reel. I’m sure the film will still be worth the price of addition, but i almost wish i could go in knowing less.

Ghostbusters 2016 Trailer and Impression

This looks bad. Really bad. This doesn’t even come off as being a movie, it feels more like sitcom. From the 90’s. Right from the start things look bad. Not only is the trailers first joke a puke joke, but the puke effects and the ghost effects don’t even look like they belong in the same movie. Then when  Melissa McCarthy starts talking after that she sounds like she’s acting in a kids show on the Disney channel. Both the “let’s go” and “is it the wing or the hat” jokes both go on to long. And neither one is even that long. I will say that i rather like the looks of the ghost. They remind me of a more family focused version of what Del Toro did in “Crimson Peak” which i absolutely loved.

I wanted this to be good. I really did. I wanted this too be a huge win for women in film, but if this is representative of the overall quality of the film, that’s not going to happen. In fact, this trailer makes me think this will be the biggest disappointment of the year. Not the worst movie, just the one that wastes the most potential. Maybe with the next trailer we’ll see something better, but i have to ask: if there is something better, why lead with this?


Batman v Superman Final Trailer and Impressions

Every decision Warner Bros has made with this film has been, in my opinion, the wrong move. Continuing on from “Man of Steel”? Bad idea. Taking inspiration from Frank Millers “The Dark Knight”? Even worse. Not establishing Batman in this universe before pitting him against Superman? Probably their worse idea yet. Naming the film “Dawn of Justice”? Yup, that annoys me too. But i will give credit where credit is due: this trailer at lest makes the film look fun, if not good.

That opening fight scene was pretty cool and probibly the best hand to hand fighting Batman has done in live action (something EVERY other batman film has failed to deliver on). And that bit where wonder woman is jumping at an unseen foe, yea, that looked good too. It looks like a Zack Snyder movie, but i never had an issue with him, just his take on main-line DC heroes (I’ll defend Watchmen till my death). I still can’t say i’m happy this is the direction DC has chosen to go in trying to compete with Marvel, but at lest it seems like they are putting in an effort.

However, i’m really hoping they don’t make Batman a killer in this version. In an interview with “Birth, Movies, Death” one of the….producers, i believe it was, said that this Batman was “Judge, jury and executioner” which has lead some to speculate that this Batman is going to be killing people, something i’m not okay with. And in that first fight it’s easy to see how some of those hits could end up killing people. Then at the 1:44 he looks to be shooting at the rest of the henchmen with sparks flying out of the shots. This could just be one o his gadgets, but with the above context, it worries me a bit.

In the end, i don’t know how this will turn out, but i’m not to thrilled. I’ll see it eventually and i’m sure i’ll enjoy it when i do, but i can’t see myself getting hyped for more DC films the way i get for Marvel movies. I don’t see myself considering buying the $100+ collectors additions with uses movie trinkets the way i do with Marvel movies. I’m just hoping this will kill 2 hours with out making me want to kill the film makers. If Batman v Superman can handle that, then i’ll be okay.


The Purge: Election Year Trailer and Impressions

“The Purge: Anarchy” was a great B Action movie that got held down by people expecting it to be a sub par horror film like the 2013 original. Leaving behind any pretense of being a horror film allowed for some fun action in a while variety of scenarios that helped the film reinforce it’s core theme of wealth and class disparity. “Election Year” seems to be aiming to do more of the same, and i’m totally on bored. While the franchises satire has never been subtle (they did name the woman running for president who is going to make things better “sanders” after all) it’s a message i’m on board with and i like my message movies to be stuffed with as much blood, guts and explosions as they can fit in. So yeah, i’m looking forward to this one, big time.

TMNT2 Superbowl Trailer and Impressions

I really hate how good the marketing team for this franchise is. The first movie was just as bad as everyone thought it was going to be once they heard Bay was producing, but the trailers had me at lest thinking there might have been some hope. And here we are again. I know this is going to suck. So do you, so does every one. But…damn i like this trailer. What really infuriates me is that there’s nothing here that sells me on the idea that this film will really be any better than the first one, and i still like the trailer. I hope whoever is editing these trailers together gets a job working on a full feature, because the kind of film wizardry it must take to make the inevitable shit storm this film will be upon release must take real talent and more skill that most people will realize.

Mile Ahead Trailer and Impressions

I neither like Jazz nor music biopics, so why does this work so well for me? Maybe it’s the complete lack of foreknowledge on the subject that allows me to look over the genre’s tropes, or maybe it’s that Miles Davis (as the character portrayed here, i know nothing of the man in real life and thus wont make any assumptions on him) is so obviously unhinged that just watching him go through the well worn paces of the stereotypical music biopic seems like it would still be a fun ride. In either case this seems like a good time. But i have too ask, what made Don Cheadle think the thing he’s doing with his voice was a good idea? Maybe that’s the way the guy really spoke but… even so it got old fast. I’d still be willing to sit through it too see where the film goes, but i can’t imagination that not being a major criticism for the film upon release.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer And Impressions

Thus far JJ Abrams career can be summed up as “competent but bland”. He’s not a bad director, he’s just not a very interesting one. So when he was given the reins to Star Wars i was mostly apathetic. I had no doubt that the film would look good, but i wasn’t expecting much else. So far I’ve seen nothing to change that. Again, the film doesn’t look bad and i still intend to see it as close to opening day as i can, but nothing in this trailer seems like it needed Abrams. And that’s kind of a downer in my opinion.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Trailer and Impressions

I never bothered reading the book of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies because at the time i was made aware of it, i was already done with the zombie craze even if the rest of pop culture hadn’t caught up to me yet. I’ll admit i thought the book had an interesting premise, but it was one i wasn’t going to subject my self too. I was prepared to have the same reaction to the film as well, even if we’re not being bombarded with zombies anymore. However, upon watching the trailer, i’m feeling a little conflicted. As done as i am with Zombies, it does look like the film makers are taking the project seriously and more importantly have given us a full cast of badass ladies. So now the question i’m faced with is: does my apathy towards zombies outweigh my interest in a more diverse action movie? I think this question is going to be the films biggest hurdle. Are audiences willing to put up with more zombies (which we just got done oversaturating ourselves with) to see a female lead action movie (which there aren’t enough of)?  Personally, i’m going to wait for more trailers before deciding how i feel about the film, but this will be an interesting one to watch.